15 reasons why you should date a zookeeper

Will the zoo your favourite summer time day trip? Well it may be also housing the guy or girl you dream about. The beautiful folks at ZSL London Zoo – globally’s oldest health-related zoo – informed you their unique top methods for exactly why zookeepers are some of the the majority of dateable men and women on earth.

1. They are an uncommon type. There are only 108 zoos, creatures parks or aquariums when you look at the entire on the UK in line with the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria (BIAZA) membership base.

2. They truly are deciding to make the globe a much better destination. Modern zoos like ZSL London Zoo tend to be preservation centers, taking part in encouraging pet preservation programs throughout the world including reproduction certain planet’s many put at risk creatures

3. Might get some great club test trivia. You’ll know your marsupials from your own marmosets in no time.

4. These are generally toned. Operating outside all day long helps to keep zookeepers in top health.

5. They’re going to have never dull work stories. Less about submitting, about flamingos.

6. They may be very patient. Whether it is teaching a tiger or weighing a meerkat, perseverance is almost always the key ingredient.

7. You’ll tell all of your current buddies that you are online dating a zookeeper. You’ll become amazing by association.

8. They are not afraid of obtaining dirty. It is not all giving baby penguins – zookeepers fork out a lot of the time unscrambling following animals they appear after, therefore they’ve mastered their own sweeping and window cleaning abilities. Perfect for off-loading a number of that dull cleaning.

9. They like adventure breaks. A zookeeper’s desire for animals doesn’t end at your workplace thus be prepared to take a trip collectively to far-flung places observe a nearby flora and fauna in person.

10. You can get VIP treatment.Fingers crossed that special behind-the-scenes access extends to loved-ones!

11. They often take their particular work house or apartment with all of them – in a great way. In extremely unique conditions, a zookeeper will hand-rear an infant pet if their parents abandon it. Including sometimes having it home whether it requires 24-hour attention.

12. Complimentary zoo visits for the kids. If you opt to begin a family group with each other you are sure that they’re going to often be someplace keeping the youngsters occupied during those very long college breaks.

13. They’re normally nurturing. It is within job description, right?

14. They go any additional mile. Caring for a collection of animals isn’t really a nine to five task. When a pet is pregnant or sick zookeepers will often operate beyond the call of responsibility (such as the strange all-nighter).

15. It is possible to finally embrace that pet you usually desired. Well, a zookeeper isn’t really more likely sensitive to cat locks will they be?



Any we’ve missed? Have you been online dating a zookeeper? Tell us within the comments.


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